Recording & Mixing
for Rock and Metal

I provide music production services tailored to bands and artists in Rock and Metal genres who want high-quality records that compete with the greatest – without losing personality.

  • Recording

    Whether in my studio or at a recording space of your choice, together we capture the best sounding version of your songs.

    From guitars and bass to vocals and drums, getting it right from the start is crucial for producing a quality record. A professional recording process also ensures a great studio experience that maximizes your artistic drive.

    Let's work together to get the most out of your performances!

  • Mixing

    Your music that you worked so hard on deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.

    Professional mixes that sound good everywhere play a big part in achieving that goal. Because modern listeners expect top-notch quality and will easily skip your songs if they can't keep up.

    Send me your tracks and get a polished, professional mix that catches the ear in a matter of days!

  • Editing

    In modern music productions, skillful and discreet audio editing is indespensable for a professional result.

    If you're self-producing like many bands and artists, you can send me your tracks for editing. The result will be clean and tight-sounding while preserving feel and character. Editing includes:

    - Quantizing drums without them sounding robotic
    - Aligning guitars and bass for precision and clarity
    - Vocal tuning and time-alignment for maximum impact

Do you want your songs to sound like any of these?

P – Produced  |  E – Engineered  |  M – Mixed

Artist Info

Let's make a record!

Hi! I’m Raphael, an audio engineer / producer based in Germany and I specialize in Rock and heavy music.

Raphael Arnold

My passion is to help bands and artists unlock their full potential. The most fulfilling part to me is bringing sonic visions into reality. To achieve that and help you get your music to the next level, I will guide you through every detail – from pre-pro all the way to the final mix.

In each phase of the production, crafting the sound that perfectly fits your style is the top priority. Whether it’s working on song structure, gear choice, tracking or post production – or any combination.

Are you looking for clean, powerful mixes with character that you can be proud of? I’d love to help your music make an impact – with productions that keep your listeners interested, hit replay and come back for more.

Send me a message and let’s get started!

Raphael Arnold

As a long-time music lover and audio enthusiast, I’ve got you covered when it comes to studio productions. Through the years I’ve experienced not only sitting behind the mixing desk but also what it’s like to be on the other side: in the live room, performing in front of microphones.

Being a drummer myself as well as having graduated in audio production*, I’m fortunate enough to be familiar with both sides of professional audio work. This allows me to provide just the right production service that suits your needs.

* Audio Production Bachelor of Arts with Honours at SAE Institute Stuttgart / Middlesex University

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